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The payments were calculated from cash collected by the casino's slot machines and electronic gaming devices between April 1 and Sept. 30, according to a Dec. 7 announcement by tribal officials. According to a 2007 tribal-state compact, the tribe agreed to pay local governments 2 percent of revenue of the money collected at slot machines. The local payments will be distributed by a 6-member revenue sharing board. Payments are divided among Wayland Township, Allegan County, the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency, the City of Wayland, Dorr Township, Hopkins Township, Leighton Township, Martin Township, Wayland Union Schools and Yankee Springs Township. The payments to the state represent only about half of the 8 percent to 12 percent the tribe had agreed to pay the state in a 2007 compact that gave the tribe a gaming monopoly in a nine-county area that includes Grand Rapids, Lansing and Kalamazoo. The tribe began withholding payments to the state last year after claiming Michigan Lottery's creation of statewide online ticket sales and lottery terminals in social clubs violated the 2007 compact. The state and tribe announced a partial settlement of the dispute in July.

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Diplomats fear any escalation could trigger a conflict like the 1996 to 2003 wars that killed millions, sucked in neighboring armies and saw armed groups clash over Congo's mineral wealth and the use of mass rape as a strategic weapon. U.S. Great Lakes envoy Tom Perriello on Thursday said that Kabila's hanging on was "an entirely unnecessary flirtation with disaster," in a speech at the United States Institute of Peace. Youth activists say they have taken inspiration from Burkina Faso in West Africa, where protests ousted Blaise Compaore in 2014 as he was trying to extend his 27-year rule. As in Burkina, protests in Congo are in part driven by economic desperation. Congo is Africa's biggest miner of copper and metals used in gadgets, like cobalt and coltan, but a slowdown linked to falls in commodity prices has triggered steep budget cuts and a 30 percent fall in the Congolese franc. However, the country of 70 million people and more than 200 ethnic groups is fragmented. Previous protests achieved little. Former colonial master Belgium advised its citizens to leave before Monday.

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