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img Everyones internet happy with 21 years of age, he said. Alamo said he wondered if this is a solution for a problem that doesnt exist. Wheeler said the goal is simply to start a dialogue on whether 21 is the correct threshold. I just wanted to have the conversation more than anything, Wheeler said. There is some precedent for allowing people under 21 to gamble in certain circumstances across the U.S. Several casinos on Native American land in other states set the threshold at 18. Some states, like New Jersey and Louisiana, allow 18-year-olds to play bingo, but set the age restriction at 21 for other gambling games such as slot machines, poker and blackjack. But dropping the age to 18 on all gambling in Nevada would present a list of issues, Alamo said most notably the interaction between gambling and alcohol. With both gambling and drinking having the same 21-year-old threshold, casino workers do not have to verify the person sitting at a poker table is old enough to order a drink, Alamo said. Allowing 18-year-olds to sit down at a slot machine or poker table could get burdensome for workers who would likely have to ask for ID every time someone at gaming table orders a drink, he added.

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Now our high roller has two casinos giving him a far, far better deal. There are many high rollers who do not know that casinos will make individual rebate deals to lessen the house edge on various games which means they will indeed return some of a players losses. There is no reason not to give every high roller (those at the thousands of dollars level) some rebate considering the amount of money these producers lose to the casinos over time. Casinos are in the money business. Plain and simply the job of a host or any casino executive is to keep the money flowing from the big producers. If they have to bend the normal rules somewhat to keep their high rollers happy then they will often (gladly) bend those rules. The casino industry has plenty of smart executives who are doing the rebate programs right now. The same holds true for slot players. If you are a mega-slot player at those $100 machines, then you can angle for the cash rebates as well.

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